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ISAA Bylaws

Bylaws of the Iranian Stanford Alumni Association (ISAA)




o The name of the club shall be the Iranian Stanford Alumni Association.


o The purpose of the club is to develop and nurture the Iranian Stanford alumni community by connecting, informing, and inspiring.


o Club membership is open to all alumni, spouses, students, and parents of students
and alumni of the Leland Stanford Junior University (Stanford). Club members
need not be members of the Stanford Alumni Association (SAA).

o 90% of club members must be Stanford alumni, spouses, or significant others of
alumni, students, or parents of current students or alumni. Stanford faculty and
staff are not included in the 90%.

o The term of membership is lifetime, unless a member requests to have their
membership terminated for any reason.
o There will be no membership fees.



 BOARD: The club shall be governed by a board of directors (Board) made up of officers and general members.




o Titles:

1. Member of the Board of Directors
2. President
3. Treasurer
4. Secretary


o All officers must be club members. The Board shall have no fewer than

three officers, including a president, treasurer, and secretary. The president and treasurer positions must be held by different people. The president must be a Stanford 2 alumnus/alumna. The president will serve a term of up to 2 years. The president may not serve more than 2 consecutive terms.
o It is recommended that the Board have no more than seven members, including the president, treasurer, and secretary. Board members must be Stanford alumni.


 MEETINGS: The Board shall meet at a minimum quarterly.





o The Board is responsible for planning the budget and coordinating activities.
o The President is the representative of the organization to other organizations and to Stanford. The President is responsible for leading the vision for the organization,
presiding over Board meetings.
o The Treasurer is responsible for all financial matters of the organization.
o The Secretary is responsible for reporting minutes of the general meetings,
maintaining membership records, communication with alumni members, and
conducting the general elections. The Secretary is also responsible for working with the SAA Regional Manager.
o Decisions are made by a majority vote of Board members.
o The Board shall have the authority to appoint such other officers as it

deems advisable.
o Co-officers are allowed.


 PRIMARY CONTACT: A primary club contact person from the Board must be designated to work with the SAA Regional Manager and respond to alumni inquiries.


o The Secretary shall be this contact person.





o Election of new officers and recruitment of general members for the Board shall take place in Q1 of the calendar year as may be necessary. The elections and recruitment will be supervised by an officer or general member appointed by the Board who is not seeking to be elected

as president. 
o A candidate is elected if he or she wins a majority vote of the voting members
after quorum has been established. The Board shall define quorum in a fair

and equitable manner.
o The Board shall elect the President via a simple majority vote.
o The Board shall elect at most two of its members as Treasurer and Secretary.

These positions may be rotated among Board members.
o Board-elects are advised to have 3 months of overlap with existing Board members

to provide time for transfer of responsibilities.
o The previous president is advised to serve as an ex-officio Board member for up to 1 year after leaving office.
o Candidates may be nominated by any member of the association.
o Board elections will be open and publicized to the entire ISAA membership.



o All members of the Board shall serve 2-year terms.
o The duration to serve in each Board role (President, Treasurer, Secretary)

is 2 years.
o An individual may serve multiple terms, except that the president may not serve more than 2 consecutive terms.



o When the Board receives signatures requesting the removal of a Board member
from the majority of Board or 5% of the membership, it shall call for a special vote casting meeting involving Board members.



o A Board member resignation requires a 3-month advance notice to the Board

to plan for potential replacements.
o Upon resignation of a Board member, the next available Contingency Board member will replace the resigned Board member. In the event no such member
exists and the minimum number of Board members is not satisfied, the Board will
hold a special election for a new board member within four weeks of the resignation.



o Amendments shall be sent to the designated SAA Regional Manager within thirty days,

and will only be implemented after approval by the SAA Board of Directors.
o Bylaws may be amended at any time. Upon receiving signatures requesting a
specific amendment to the bylaws from five (5) Board members or five percent (5%) of the membership, the President shall call for a special vote casting meeting.

A majority vote by the Board will qualify an amendment approval, pending the final approval of SAA.



o If ISAA is dissolved, its uncommitted funds and property shall be designated to the Stanford Alumni Association.



o ISAA follows the Nondiscrimination Policy issued by Stanford.
o These bylaws are effective as of January 1, 2021.



Note: Language in italics is required to be in all Stanford Alumni Club Bylaws, as of Dec. 1, 2020.

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